Thursday, December 1, 2011

Arowana Food and Treatments

Arowana Food and Treatments
There are many commercial foods available. Their nutritious value varies from brand to brand, and knowing and choosing reputable brands is always important. Pellets/sticks food specially formulated for Arowana is recommended. It is important to select foods that best mimic the nutritional values of the live foods that Arowana prefer.
Arowana treatments range from those that combat common species-related diseases to treatments that enhance the colors of your fish.
We recommend Super Red Arowana Food by Stain Hai Feng Feeds, Novo Dragon for Arowana by JBL, and Spectrum Extra Large Fish Formula by New Life as the foods of choice for healthy and beautiful Arowana.  Our treatment of choice is are Arowana Magic Treatment and Arowana Vitamins by AZOO.



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